Information on postal, telephone and newspaper services.

Postal services

Australia Post has post offices and agencies in all suburbs open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Some branches also open on Saturday 9am to 12 noon. You can pay for most government bills, licences, utility charges and other monetary transactions at Australia Post.

Strict rules apply to posting animal and plant materials, foodstuffs, medicines and artefacts. If you intend to send or expect to receive a parcel containing these materials, obtain advice from Australian Quarantine Service and postal authorities in advance. 

If you change your address, Australia Post can re-direct your mail to your new address for a fee.

Telephones and internet

Perth’s telephone and mobile phone services are provided by several companies. 

  • Local calls (within metropolitan area) from a private land line or public telephone are charged on a per call basis. 
  • Calls outside the metropolitan area, interstate and internationally, are levied at scheduled rates.  
  • Mobiles phones will incur a variety of charges – pre-paid or contract. 

All telephone lines in Perth are suitable for email, internet and facsimile traffic. Connections for email and internet using PCs and modems are easily carried out.

Shop around before deciding on a provider to meet your budget and needs.


National and interstate newspapers are easily available in Perth. You can read most major overseas newspapers at the University and public libraries.

Local newspapers include:

  • The West Australian: daily state newspaper
  • Sunday Times: weekend paper
  • Community Newspapers: delivered free of charge weekly to households
  • The Quokka: newspaper for buying and selling goods.