Further information

To request a hybrid study tour proposal, please complete the following program request below.

UWA Study Tours also offer a range of other programs, to suit the varying needs of different groups. You may prefer to have a group of your students joining an open class Language and Communication Essentials program or a closed class program. For further information, please contact our Study Tours team at: [email protected]

A group of Study Tour students on the UWA Claremont CampusThe hybrid study option is a combination of both the open (morning) and closed (afternoon) class programs and can be arranged for client groups of 18 years and above. For this option, start and end dates are fixed according to the term dates which are taught at UWA CELT.

Program Details

This program is broken into morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning, students study in open class Language and Communication Essentials or Academic English programs. The afternoon sessions can incorporate one of the following closed programs:

  • UWA Experience
  • Australian culture
  • Research Project/Project Work

The afternoon closed sessions focus on providing an opportunity for students to focus on a particular discipline area within the following:

  • Lecture Audits (within UWA academic teaching weeks)
  • PhD candidate lectures or workshops
  • Student Society workshops
  • Cultural activities

A sample hybrid program is included below.